Friday, February 14, 2014

another chances a great mistakes

assalamualaikum semua..hee~da lme gile ak xupdate blog kn..bkn xnk update tp kering idea, msalah peribadi yang menyebabkan blog ne terabai..hee~mgkin sekarang da ad sedikit kekuatan untuk update blog,so ak pn update la kn..

another chances is a great mistake..this is what i fell now…a chances a have been given make a great mistake for a chances giver not receiver.  when the things getting difficult, we will start realize that the chances given is not a great solution but a great mistakes. another trust being betrayed and another chances being  misused. the thing is, when we gain another chances, another trust, please give a full commitment so that the chances and trust given will not waste.

when the things getting difficult, we tends to remember HIM. when there is no solution, we tends to ask from HIM. when there is nothing to do, we tends to pray to HIM. when we lack courage, we pray to HIM to give courage. when we in dilemma, we tends to ask answer from HIM. may ALLAH answer all of our prays and decide what is the best for us.

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