Tuesday, March 25, 2014

an0theR y0u,an0ther mE

hurm...ari neh rase cam bangang btol...hahahah~bangang ke?ntahla...cuti 4days tp 1 ape pn xsiap...mlas thap gaban...nk ckp kuar g wat keje sia-sia pn x jgk...memerap dalam blik jer...hum...ap nk jd neh...

4hari cuti mlayan tgk cite korea,jpun..dgar lagu...tgk video..hum...ttbe plak rajin mgedit lagu chiisana no uta by mongol800...hahaha~lagu febret ak tuh...dlu ak assign lagu neh uk sum one...tp da x lg...sbb hp bwu pas format...lagu sume ilang..nnt la msukkan blik...hui33...akn di assignkn tuk org yg same...i like this song so much....

now ngah addicted ngn lagu mY destiny la plak...lirik die sgt mendalam...tp lagu neh xd la kne mngena ngan ak...hui3...juz like the lirik jer ngn music die..try la dgr..tp xthu la korg cne..yela..ak akui...ak pminat setia lagu jpun neh..hui3...sejak ak rajin dok dpn tv time skola dlu melayan cite jpun stiap weekend..hahah~

now...xthu nk tulis ap...ntah ape pn ak xtau..yg pastinyer,sume ak xsedia ag..berterabur hdup ak...xtau ble la mood ak nk dtg blik...i really hate this kind of me...=[

p/s: really need some remedy n vocation...another you is another me..hope all this kind of hardship will comes ease at the end..


hardship..must go on~

Monday, March 10, 2014

the beginning of a new chapter

assalamualaikum all…it’s been a long time since I have update my blog. the reason is just I lost my way, my words n my strength. there are so many problems that has been cycling around me n wondering when it will over. that’s it…after hibernation period ends and all my strength comes back, my words full in my brain, my heart at ease, my mind is clear and my finger wanna dance on the keyboard, so I just thinking to update my blog…

after a long hibernation, a deep thinking n an advice from my bff, writing up a blog will give a less stress…no matter what other say, who is stalking, who are not happy with this blog, I won’t care anymore…this is my blog and it’s up to me to write up what my mind thinks not what other thinks…if u think this blog may irritates u, please don’t read, don’t stalk…hahaa~what the hell I’m writing this right??

so, back to the title of the entry…"the beginning of the new chapter" it’s may give so many meaning…what a new chapter?? what is the beginning?? what is the ending…the new chapter maybe describes as when we start something new…our life changing from bad to better life…the chapter of our life will start change…our ages keep rising and our memory keeps decreasing as times goes by…the starting of a new beginning may starts when there are a little changes in life…our life keep changing as it can adopt to the new environment…we have to be cleaver or rational to handle of the changes that we made…

the new beginning of a new chapter starts when we are ready to accept what ever decision we make and what the consequences of the decision…if we are not ready, the new beginning may not be a best choice of our life…

p/s : need some vacation, some space and another hibernation..where to go?? jb?? kl? kk?? langkawi??or japan??is there any other places??or meet him?? Smile

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

3d picture

assalamualaikum semua..hee~ da lme xupdate blog yang ad cerita kn..sebelum ne update blog yg wordless..just gamba je..hee~so di kesempatan ne, sy nk la update kn pasal satu pameran art..3d picture pada 22/1 lepas..ak berkesempatan pn sebab ikut Kelab Pelancongan sekolah ak..hee~xbanyak sgt gamba dr camera ak..biase la..ble camera da di pastkan ke student, mcm-mcm la ragam diorg..hee~so, korang tgok la gamba di bawah…mmg ohsem la bg ak yg xpndai art ne kn..heee










haha~malas da nak upload bnyak-banyak gamba..kebnyakkn gamba yang sme tetapi student yg berbeza..sorry klo muke student yg ak post ne org yg sme..maklumla, camera dpt kat diorg n mcm ne la jdnye..hee~last but not least, meet some of my student Smile

p/s : happiness will come to whom patiently wait for it Smile

Sunday, February 16, 2014


“ trust no one, just trust yourself n ALLAH "



Friday, February 14, 2014

another chances a great mistakes

assalamualaikum semua..hee~da lme gile ak xupdate blog kn..bkn xnk update tp kering idea, msalah peribadi yang menyebabkan blog ne terabai..hee~mgkin sekarang da ad sedikit kekuatan untuk update blog,so ak pn update la kn..

another chances is a great mistake..this is what i fell now…a chances a have been given make a great mistake for a chances giver not receiver.  when the things getting difficult, we will start realize that the chances given is not a great solution but a great mistakes. another trust being betrayed and another chances being  misused. the thing is, when we gain another chances, another trust, please give a full commitment so that the chances and trust given will not waste.

when the things getting difficult, we tends to remember HIM. when there is no solution, we tends to ask from HIM. when there is nothing to do, we tends to pray to HIM. when we lack courage, we pray to HIM to give courage. when we in dilemma, we tends to ask answer from HIM. may ALLAH answer all of our prays and decide what is the best for us.