Monday, May 2, 2011


it has been a week since i left this school..hehe~started to miss them again..=]now my life begins again as the insurance consultant..have to work again at AmAssurance..don’t know how my life will be again..i don’t have faith in this job but with this job you can earn a lot of money.. but it should have a lot of sacrifices before you successful and this what i can’t do. nothing can be done if you have a determination even a little. but, i don’t have even a little  determination. just going to work as i like. the money were getting disappears. a lot were giving out but nothing were going in. such a pain. hah! what I'm babbler? just to throw some emotion here..=] you don’t need to read all this.

now, the most part that i want to show to all is the picture of my student. here they goes.. please don’t be shy to look at it..hee~

DSC02293                    DSC02294

DSC02300          DSC02301

DSC02302          DSC02303

DSC02311          DSC02312

DSC02315          DSC02317

hehe~this picture is only a half of my this school, i teach science year 4 and yaer 5, kemahiran hidup subject to all year 5 and also PJK year 3.. in such way, i handle a lot of classes in it gives me such a great moment with them even though it not even a month i teach them. bye..will update again..and here is their teacher. =]



p/s : ap kne ngn ak neh..ttbe jer ayt sume dlm bi..hee~da la tunggang langgang..ish..ap nk jd neh..hui3


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